'Sticker Lady' to face mischief, not vandalism charges

SINGAPORE - The "Sticker Lady" believed to have painted the words "My Grandfather Road" on several roads last year will not be charged with vandalism.

Instead, 26-year-old Samantha Lo was expected to appear in court on Tuesday to face lesser charges of mischief.

She is likely to be charged with 15 counts of mischief.

It was also revealed in a police news release yesterday that Ms Lo allegedly had a male accomplice - graffiti artist Anthony Chong, 30, who uses the moniker Antz.

He would also be charged in court on Tuesday, and is expected to face one charge of mischief and seven charges of abetment to commit mischief.

If convicted, they both face a fine, up to a two-year jail term, or both.

A conviction for vandalism carries a fine of up to $2,000 or jail for up to three years. Male offenders may also be caned.

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