Jailed for molesting teenage boy

SINGAPORE - A budding musician who planned to study in South Korea was jailed for a year  on Thursday after molesting a 17-year-old boy whom he met on Facebook.

A district court heard that Rayson Leong Wai Wung, 22, who plays the piano, flute, tuba and guitar, had lured the victim to his Sengkang home on Aug 15 last year.

He picked up the teenager from school to go for lunch, but drove back to his place saying he needed to change his clothes.

There, he steered the victim into his bedroom on the pretext that his sister would complain about him bringing a friend home. She was actually in Perth, Australia, at the time.

After talking for a while, Leong said he wanted to shower and returned five minutes later wearing only a towel.

He then showed the victim an obscene video before carrying out a sexual attack on the youngster during a struggle.

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