Investor confidence unshaken, says Minister
Mon, Sep 15, 2008
The Star

THE arrest of three people under the Internal Security Act (ISA) would not sway investor confidence in the political stability of the country, reported Utusan Malaysia.

Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the matter could cause a short-term effect and should not be perceived as a threat to the nation's economic stability.

"In the short-term, there could be a slight issue regarding investment and inflow when investors adopt a wait-and-see attitude, (but) the nation's economic prospects are still strong on the long-term.

"With the economic strength (that we have now), we believe that the country will be the next destination for investment," he said after handing over Ramadan donations for mosques.

He said he was convinced that investors would evaluate economic strength by taking into consideration the country's ability to diversify its economic resources.

"There is no reason for the public and the business community to be worried," he said.

Science and Mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia

> A total of 38 non-governmental organisations urged the Government to re-implement the teaching of Science and Mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia, reported Berita Minggu.

This was in light of the failure of some 146,000 students to understand the basic aspects of both subjects taught through the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English programme.

The students scored Ds and Es for the two subjects.

The Federation of National Writers Association committee member Prof Datuk Dr Zainal Kling said exam results and studies

done by a several parties found that 30% of students were unable to understand Science

and Mathematics taught in English.

He said a Memorandum had been sent to the Education Ministry regarding the matter.


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