Party to announce its candidate today
Thu, Jan 01, 2009
New Straits Times
>KOTA BARU, MALAYSIA - Pas yesterday brushed off talk that it was having a problem finding a candidate for the Jan 17 Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election, forcing it to wait until today to announce the name. Party vice-president Datuk Husam Musa said it was part of its strategy not to make the announcement early. He felt the BN's early move in naming Deputy Home Minister Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh as the candidate had exposed him to attacks.

"The feedback we get shows that the BN candidate is being attacked from all sides.

"Maybe the BN thought that their strategy was good, but I don't think so.

"I think our decision to wait until it is closer to nomination day is better. We have our candidate and we will announce the name tomorrow (today)," he said after the state weekly exco meeting yesterday.

"This is great to keep overseas Singaporeans connected to home news and affairs"

"My favourite was "The Aftermath for Malaysia Election" - (in my opinion), this was a very well crafted world standard image, it is even suitable for a Time magazine cover!"
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