'I want a divorce because it's too long'
Sat, Oct 03, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

A TAIWANESE woman reportedly asked for divorce from her husband - because his penis was too long.

Sin Chew Daily, quoting a newspaper report from Taiwan, reported that the woman, in her second attempt to divorce her husband, said she had to bear with pain whenever she had sex with him.

When the matter was brought up in the court recently, the judge called in a doctor to determine the length of the man's penis.

However, the request was rejected as the length of a man's intimate part was "very subjective".

In the end, the judge rejected the woman's petition and ordered her to return to her husband.

The woman said they were married in 1995 and she applied for a divorce 10 years later.

The application, she said, was rejected the first time. It was unclear why the petition was struck out.

On complaints by his wife that his penis was too long, the man said: "I have never measured it before."



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