Villagers raise a stink over couple?s urine-pouring act
Sat, Jul 17, 2010
The Star/Asia News Network

KAJANG, MALAYSIA - An elderly couple has been pouring bottles of urine in front of their new village home in Kajang, raising the ire of their neighbours, reported China Press.

One neighbour claimed that the couple, who were in their 50s, had been carrying out the strange ritual for the past two years.

"They will pour their urine on the road six to seven times every day.

"After I wash it off with water, they will pour it again," she said.

She added that neighbours were forced to shut their doors and windows as the stink from the urine was unbearable.

She also accused the couple of stealing her daughter's underwear.

The neighbour claimed that despite advice from the police and other residents, the couple continued with their habit.

>The daily also reported that there was a lack of Chinese-speaking counselling teachers in SMJK San Min in Teluk Intan, which has some 1,600 students.

The only Chinese-speaking counselling teacher had to take up 80% of the workload because students would ask for him.

The school's board of directors chairman Chen Hong Ji said he hoped that the Education Ministry would look into the issue and assign more Chinese-speaking counselling teachers.

"Some students could not converse well in English or Malay, so they were not able to communicate with the non-Chinese speaking teachers about their problems, which in turn affect their studies," he said.

- The Star/Asia News Network

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  Villagers raise a stink over couple?s urine-pouring act
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