Landslide strikes fear in 72 homeowners

KUALA LUMPUR: Seventy-two homeowners had a scare on Wednesday evening when a landslide occurred on a hillslope near their homes in Gombak here.

Twenty of them were in Kampung Chinchin and 52 more in Taman Seri Gombak.

The earth missed houses at the bottom of the slope at Kampung Chinchin by 15 metres.

The 52 townhouses at Taman Seri Gombak Town Villa, located on top of the hill, were affected when part of the fence at a Tenaga Nasional Bhd power station nearby collapsed in the landslide.

A Public Works Department spokesman said they were monitoring the hillslope to see if the residents needed to be evacuated.

He said the PWD, together with police and the Civil Defence Department, would be monitoring at the location.

Taman Seri Gombak Town Villa Residents' Association chairman Zulkifli Abdul Rahman said residents heard loud sounds of falling earth at 7pm.

He claimed that small-scale landslides had been occurring at the hillslope since early this year. He said yesterday's incident was the worst after two days of heavy rain.

"We believe the landslides are caused by a nearby project to build bungalows."

He claimed the developer had closed an existing drain and redirected the water to the slope.

Zulkifli said he had informed the authorities, including the Selayang Municipal Council, of the matter.

-New Straits Times