Obedient Wives' Club setting up branch in Singapore

KUALA LUMPUR: The controversial Obedient Wives' Club (OWC) will soon extend its reach to our neighbours down south.

A Singaporean daily yesterday reported that three of the club's representatives in the country would soon open a branch there.

The newspaper reported that three Singaporeans -- Dr Darlan Zaini, who holds a doctorate in literature, Hamidah Ari and her brother, Azman Ari -- would be the collective face of the club in the Lion City.

Darlan told the daily that he felt that obedient wives would enable husbands to feel more responsible to their families and be less likely to stray.

"Some people agree, while others don't. More importantly, we believe that obedient wives can help prevent various detrimental social problems such as prostitution, divorce, gambling, domestic violence and others."

The launch of the Malaysian branch of the club in Rawang on June 4 created a stir when its international vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamed, was quoted as saying women should treat their husbands better than a first-class prostitute in bed in order to combat social ills.

The Singapore daily also quoted former registrar of Muslim marriages Tarsuni Maulan, who said he doubted the group's intentions.

"Did the OWC base its findings on research or hearsay? I'm just concerned that by making such statements (on how wives should treat their husbands), it would make men big-headed and give them a free rein to mistreat women," he was quoted as saying.