Woman is not a con artist, current husband claims

THERE is a twist in the story of a man said to be the seventh husband conned into marrying a woman who would run away with the victim's money, Sin Chew Daily reported.

A man claiming to be the current husband of the woman told the daily that his wife did not con him into marrying her and they had registered their marriage.

On Friday, family members of her seventh husband, from Muar, Johor claimed the woman, 26, used the same tactic by getting her latest husband to marry her in a traditional Chinese ceremony, claiming she was pregnant, and ran off with money belonging to her new husband's relatives and friends.

After having a two-minute conversation with the daily's reporter, the man passed the phone to a woman who claimed to be the man's wife.

The woman promised that she would return the money she owed to her husband's family members.

"We borrowed RM2,000 from my husband's aunt to pay the medical fee of my father-in-law and now the aunt is asking for RM18,000 in return.

"This is worse than loan sharks," she said.

She added that they were willing to return the RM2,000 and later offered to give her RM6,000 but she refused to accept.