Interview with oily ghost witness turns eerie

A woman living in Kampung Laksmana near Kuala Lumpur described a chilling encounter with the supernatural.

Rohaini Ismail said an orang minyak had entered her home.

She was interviewed because people in her village reported sightings of an orang minyak and were trying to track it down.

She told The Star: "I was watching TV at around 8.45pm. I sensed something unnatural. Like a presence, i ignored it but it remained."

"My relative asked me to get something. Then I heard a stranger's voice in a language that my relative and I did not understand."

She went to lie down and told the relative to look out at the back of the house. The relative refused, saying she felt goosebumps.

While describing the encounter to the Malaysian TV crew, the interview suddenly took an eerie turn.

The woman cried out. "It's here again!"

She began gesticulating and speaking as if she was a different person. "I want the woman! Where is the woman?" she demanded in a rough voice, asking for a 19-year-old virgin.

Just as suddenly as she was possessed, Rohaini shook and began speaking normally again.

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