Earning parents' trust is key

I am beginning to despise my parents, who keep bugging me. Each time I do something, they will find fault with me.

When I tell them they're annoying me, they say that as my parents, they have the right to point things out. I have decided to speak less to them.

My sister is like a snake.

She does all the bad things, but when I do something bad in front of her, she will complain to our parents, who then scold me, sometimes using vulgar words.

I always get the blame when something goes wrong.

On Sundays, I stay out so I won't have to join the family for lunch because my parents will continue their lecture at the table.

I don't know how to do things around the house, like fix the light bulb.

But when I want to try, my parents will mock me and assume that I don't know anything.

I lock myself in the room to stay away from them.

Sometimes, they just push the door open and drag me out to sit with them.

Then they'll start to annoy me.

They are also strict and call me like 10 times every minute whenever I'm out with my friends.

The only way to release my stress was to play games on the computer for hours. But that didn't last long because they destroyed it.

In school, I have a crush on a lovely girl of a different race.

She was quite close to me, but since school started this year, she has not spoken to me.

She does not even respond when I greet her, but speaks well to my friends.

I've tried asking her what the problem is but she keeps away from me. This has made me uncomfortable in school.

-Annoyed and uncomfortable

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