It's wedding bells and bikes for this couple

IPOH - Foreman Ng Chee Siong, 34, and teacher Ng Hooi Chueen, 33, met on the Internet three years ago on a cycling enthusiasts' forum.

As a fitting testimony to their love for cycling and their love for each other, Chee Siong rode his bicycle to Hooi Chueen's home in Pengkalan.

Together with 20 other cyclists, comprising family members and friends, all dressed in specially printed pink T-shirts, the couple then took an hour-long ride to register their marriage at Wisma Chin Woo here.

All eyes were on Chee Siong and Hooi Chueen as they made their way into the compound of Wisma Chin Woo. Chee Siong was dressed in a gold Chinese top and his bride in a knee-length white dress.

The couple said they had planned for the special occasion for the past two months.

"Since both of us love cycling, we decided that it would be the best way for us to mark such a significant day in our lives," a jubilant Hooi Chueen said, holding dearly to a purple bouquet.

She said she met Chee Siong through the Internet three years ago and their relationship blossomed. Soon, they were dating on bicycles.

The furthest the couple ever cycled was on a 3,000-km ride from China to Malaysia, through Thailand. It took them two months to complete the journey.

Hooi Chueen recalled fondly how Chee Siong proposed to her.

"While we were in Taiwan last year, he specially bought me a folding bicycle and proposed to me with it.

"I was so touched and immediately accepted his proposal... we knew very well then that we were meant for each another."

After the registration, the couple and their entourage cycled for four hours to the groom's house in Sitiawan.

Eight other couples registered their marriage during a mass registration ceremony yesterday.

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