Police to work closely with malls on security measures

PETALING JAYA - Police are to forge a closer working relationship with shopping mall operators here while advising them on security measures following a spate of crimes in their premises, including an abduction at a car park.

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Hamzah has directed district and station heads to engage with shopping mall security management in their respective areas.

"Private security personnel hired by these shopping malls must also be trained to respond effectively and this can only be done through proper drills," he told The Star.

He said police would organise campaigns to raise awareness on personal safety because "knowledge is the key to avoid becoming a victim".

The situation has aroused widespread concern, with Petaling Jaya mayor Roslan Sakiman calling for "a concerted and coordinated effort to adopt anti-crime measures".

He suggested that the number of guards at parking areas be increased and foot patrols be carried out more frequently.

He supported the suggestion by Petaling Jaya city councillor Lee Suet Sen for a dialogue with all malls in the city to explore ways to safeguard shoppers.

Lee said: "We should gather all mall operators and come up with a security policy which will ensure that shoppers feel safe."

Advising shoppers on their personal safety, DCP Tun Hisan said: "If anyone notices suspicious behaviour, report it immediately.

"Those with smartphones can also use the MyDistress application to get police assistance if they are in similar situations.

"If strange characters approach you, try to head to a crowded area and avoid confrontation.

"Try not to go out alone and avoid parking your vehicle in secluded areas," DCP Tun Hisan said while urging the public, especially women, to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings when going out.

He added that shopping malls should publish their emergency numbers to make it easier for shoppers to contact security personnel.

DCP Tun Hisan said anyone with information on any crime occurring at malls should contact 03-5514 5222 or go to the nearest police station.

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