Car thief escapes through roof

The suspect was caught after he stole a car and drove it away with a two-year-old boy.

But the 26-year-old car thief escaped from police custody by climbing through the ceiling of a bathroom at the Ulu Choh police station.

Johor police have launched a manhunt after the escape last Wednesday evening, the New Straits Times reported.

Sources told the Malaysian newspaper that the break-out was discovered by a constable.

The report said that the suspect had earlier asked for permission to take a bath. When he saw that the bathroom was dirty, he offered to wash it first. The constable then stood outside the bathroom and the suspect turned on the tap.


About 10 minutes later, the constable checked the bathroom but the suspect was missing. He then raised the alarm.

Initial investigations revealed that the thinly-built suspect had smashed through the ceiling before wriggling through the roof. A state-wide alert was released, but the suspect is still at large.

It was also learnt that the constable has been temporarily suspended, pending a full investigation. The source revealed that the fugitive and two others who are currently in custody were believed to be involved in the theft of a Perodua Myvi on Monday, where the boy, Mohd Ryan Hazim Mohd Hisham, or Azim, was taken on a terror ride for about an hour. The suspects dropped off the toddler in Kangkar Pulai.

The stolen car was recovered along Jalan Trus, Johor Baru. Three suspects, all in their 20s, were caught by members of the public and handed over over to the police.

The car theft happened when Azim's mother, housewife Khazlin Saad, 35, had taken three of her children to a grocery shop on Monday morning. Madam Khazlin, who is five months' pregnant, left them in the car with its engine running, although the vehicle was locked.

While she was at the shop, she saw her second daughter, Nur Sabrina , six, walking towards her looking upset.

At the same time, she heard her third daughter, Nur Sofea, screaming. Nur Sabrina said she had got out of the car to look for her mother after she saw a man crouching near the car.

The suspect then got in the car even as Nur Sofea scrambled to get out. She tried to pull Azim out but the suspect was already reversing the car that was parked in front of the grocery shop. He then sped off.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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