Palestinian group seeks more aid from Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - The Palestinian Cultural Organisation of Malaysia (PCOM) has appealed for more help from the Government to aid the Palestinians' cause.

Chairman Muslim Abu-Amar said Malaysia had always showed strong commitment to the Palestinian cause but more could be done at the international level.

"The Malaysian support for our cause has been excellent. It could be (providing a) stronger voice for Palestine at the United Nations or taking a more active role in the Israel-Palestinian reconciliation process," he said at PCOM's annual buka puasa gathering here on Sunday.

Muslim said over the past two years since the organisation was set up, Malaysians, both politicians and the public, had been supportive of its activities.

"We had the Hunger for Freedom campaign in April and also the Global March to Jerusalem event in March. The response from Malaysians was tremendous.

"We never expected so many Malaysians to participate in our programmes," said Muslim.

Another good thing was that politicians from both sides of the divide supported their struggle.

"The political parties may have differing views but when it comes to Palestine, they are united. For example, the Malaysian Parliament unanimously condemned the attacks on the Gaza flotilla.

"That is why we believe your Government can do more for us," said Muslim.

He said about 3,000 to 5,000 Palestinians were currently residing in Malaysia, with most being students.

"They chose to be here because of the peace and stability you enjoy,'' he added.

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