Malaysian boy rescued from abuse - again

The child showing the scarring on his back in 2009.

PETALING JAYA - He was five years old when he was rescued from his home after being allegedly abused by his mother. Now, three years later, authorities went to the same house and rescued him again from suspected abuse.

This time, the complaint was against his stepfather who was accused of cutting his finger with a pair of scissors.

The boy, now eight, made headlines in The Star in May 2009 after he was rescued from his home after being allegedly abused by his mother, a single parent.

It was reported in 2009 that doctors who examined the child were horrified to see fresh scars on top of old injuries.

Medical staff then confirmed that bruises, cane marks, cuts and swellings on the boy were not self-inflicted.

It was reported then that the mother had a "complicated life" and had married a much younger man some nine years ago. However, they soon divorced. The man did not help raise the child.

The boy was later sent back to the mother.

On Sunday, police responded to a complaint and again rescued the child.

The pint-sized child, who weighs less than 21kg, is now warded at the Serdang Hospital for treatment and observation.

According to hospital sources, the boy told nurses that the scald marks on his left hand was because his stepfather had put his hand in hot water.

"His finger looked bad but it is now better. He is quiet but sometimes snaps at other kids."

The boy also had a swollen face but he told police and hospital staff that was because a friend had punched him.

It is learnt that the mother remarried several years ago and now has a toddler. Neighbours confirmed that they had heard both the mother and stepfather shouting at the boy on many occasions.

"We have not seen new physical injuries but we know he was constantly yelled at. The finger was black and almost gangrenous as no medical treatment was given," sources said.

Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Yahya Ramli said the 53-year-old stepfather was arrested on Sunday afternoon but released later on police bail.

Welfare Department director-general Norani Mohd Hashim said the boy would be under their care until further investigations are carried out.

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