Improve laws to protect abuse victims, Malaysia urged

MALAYSIA - Wanita MCA wants the Govern­ment to strengthen existing laws which protect the rights and safety of victims of child abuse and domestic violence.

It called for heavier punishments for offenders, more support for women and children as well as prevention measures through public awareness campaigns and gender sensitisation school programmes.

This was one of 19 resolutions dealing with various issues including politics, education and women adopted at the wing's annual general assembly.

Wanita MCA also called upon the Government to allow automatic income deduction for spousal support or child maintenance from former husbands.

The Government should also bring to book former husbands who fail to make the payments, as well as establish a support agency for single parents.

Regarding the Government's education plans, Wanita MCA wants the Education Ministry to respect the feedback from the Chinese community and preserve the vernacular education system.

The wing voiced full support for the Government's Political Transformation Plan, including the replacement of the Sedition Act with the National Harmony Bill.

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