"He used to come with me to my music school and after watching me teach the children and playing at home, he asked if he could learn too.

"I was happy to teach him because I love music.

"Little did I know that he would be an exceptional talent.

"Not only has he passed the piano grades very quickly, he has also composed his own songs," she said.

Yoong Qi, who just completed his Grade 7 early this month, is currently pursuing Grade 8 but his mother does not plan to rush him.

"Maybe he will only complete it next year. I plan to enter him in competitions.

"Though he has done several live performances, he has not competed before,'' said Wee.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, the shy Yoong Qi said with a smile: "Pianist. My favourite musician is Beethoven."

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