WP chief rebuts Mah's remark on fund access
Mon, Nov 12, 2007
The Straits Times

OPPOSITION MP Low Thia Khiang has disputed National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan's statement on a fund that can be used to improve estates in a constituency.

Mr Low, the MP for Hougang and the Workers' Party leader, said that while the funds have always been available, they were for potential People's Action Party (PAP) candidates and not elected opposition MPs.

He was referring to the Community Improvement Projects Committee (CIPC) funds, which Mr Mah said on Friday have always been there for opposition MPs to make use of.

'This is factually incorrect and misleading,' said Mr Low in a statement he issued over the weekend as chairman of Hougang's Town Council.

He cited two examples to support his charge.

In September 1995, the Hougang Town Council made an application to the Hougang Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC) for CIPC funding to install illuminated carpark direction signs.

'Contrary to Mr Mah's statement, the funds that were 'always there' were not made available to the town council, as no support was given for the town council's proposal by the adviser to the CCC,' said Mr Low.

'Instead, the CCC itself submitted an application to the HDB about two weeks later in Oct 1995 for a similar project.'

As a result, his town council's application to HDB, the landowner, was held in abeyance by the HDB, said Mr Low.

It was only in Sept 1997, after the CCC withdrew its application, that the HDB gave the town council the go-ahead for the signs, he said.

'No CIPC funds were given for the project.'

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