Mon, Jan 21, 2008
The Straits Times
Sungei Road a 'slum'?

STREET vendors in Sungei Road are well regulated and monitored, said Dr Amy Khor, senior parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources in Parliament on Monday.

She was responding to MP Denise Phua (Jalan Besar), who had asked if the ministry intends to regulate the hawkers to reduce the problem of illegal vendors, and whether a proper flea market will be set up.

Ms Phua said the area resembles a 'slum' and urged authorities to clean it up.

She told The Straits Times on Monday that residents have complained of illegal hawkers storing their goods and loitering at residence areas.

Responding, Dr Khor said efforts are already being made by government agencies to monitor and regulate the hawkers. For example, vendors can sell their goods only within designated areas and hours.

Twenty-nine illegal hawkers were rounded up last year, added Dr Khor, who said that the government has no plans to set up a flea market in Sungei Road as that is best left to the private sector.

Authorities are also looking into more measures to improve the area, like having signs listing the operating conditions for sale activity, she said.

Ms Phua, while recognising these efforts, thinks more can be done.

'I'm not seeking to 'prettify' the Sungei Road market, but I think it can be cleaner and better managed,' she said.

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