More than 10 illegal immigrants nabbed in dragnet for Mas Selamat
Tracy Sua
Mon, Mar 10, 2008
The Straits Times

OFFENDERS that would have been nabbed by the authorities sooner or later are being caught earlier in the continuing islandwide dragnet for terrorist fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari.

Police and other security forces have been on the hunt for Mas Selamat for almost 12 days, since the ISD detainee's escape on Feb 27.

With increased searches across the island, including at forrested, urban and abandoned buildings, police said more than 10 immigration offenders - mainly illegal immigrants - have been arrested.

Police added that there will be no let up in searches and will continue to consider information from the public seriously.

More than 1,100 calls and emails have been received from members of the public on Mas Selamat sightings, including from those who had seen discarded food items at forested areas. Many have also offered suggestions to catch him.

Police said that while they will continue to take seriously all information given in good faith, they will not treat hoaxes lightly.

So far two people have been caught for such hoaxes.


Still feeling the shock days after the escape of JI most notorius man. How could that happen when S'pore pride itself as efficient and no nonsense handling of threats...

By all standards, Minister Wong has shown good leadership. He has remained calm and this has reassured many of the citizens.
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