Murder in the house, panic in the streets
Mon, Oct 27, 2008
The New Paper

By Crystal Chan

THE action on the street was just as intriguing as the murder in the house.

A 41-year-old Malaysian Chinese woman was found murdered at Unit 22 in 22 Flanders Square, a shophouse off Serangoon Road.

Foreign workers were seen either dashing out of the area or trying to sneak past the cordon because they lived there.

One way or another the earlier silence of the place was shattered.

One resident, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim, was about to cycle out of his home for dinner, only to see policemen surround the place.

The sweeper lives a couple of units away from Unit22.

Gathering crowd

He said: 'I didn't hear anything unusual. I just cycled out of my home and then I saw a crowd gathering and the police walking around.'

The police said they had received a call about an injured woman around 7.15pm.

They added that she was lying face-up in the ground-floor unit and was pronounced dead 10 minutes later.

It is believed there were other people in that unit when the woman was found.

But police said no one has been arrested yet.

And by 9pm, the foreign workers' weekend gathering was in full swing.

A crowd had gathered at the scene with some trying to get back to their units in the building.

One foreign worker managed to get under the cordon but was picked out by the police and asked to leave. Others too were stopped by the police from entering.

Then there were those, perhaps illegal immigrants, trying to get away from the scene.

There was also a group of women who left the scene hurriedly, shielding themselves from the media cameras.

And there were the usual bystanders as well.

A mainland Chinese construction worker, who asked to be known as Mr Cai, 40, said: 'I was having dinner with my friends when I saw this crowd.

'So I walked over to see what had happened.'

And, as the police investigations continued for more than three hours, so did the frustration of the tenants of 22 Flanders Square.

While three mainland Chinese tenants passed their time by reading the newspapers, many others chose to stand and wait.

One tenant, Mr Huang, 62, a food stall owner who lives in unit 24, waited for more than two hours before he could go home.

He said: 'When I told the officers my unit number, they said I couldn't go up as I live near the crime scene.'

He had returned from his food stall in Whampoa, only to be greeted by the sight of the police and the crowd.

He said: 'I'm getting impatient but there's nothing I can do except to sweat and put up with the exhaust fumes of passing vehicles.'

As of press time, police could not provide any more details.

This article was first published in The New Paper on Oct 26, 2008.


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