Chinese evening news dailies headlines
Mon, Oct 27, 2008


Woman stabbed in Little India: Family didn't know she's a prostitute

Married actor Tony Leung caught kissing model

Quan Yi Feng cries poor; slammed for insulting the poor

Taiwanese singer A*mei nearly given up for adoption when she's young

Can drinking 4 glasses of water before brushing your teeth help cure illnesses?

Stomp: Pictures of couple acting intimately in poly posted online

Horror lift stories: Urine, graffiti, furniture in HDB lifts

Buy movie tickets, pay bills with cell phone starting January next year

Woodlands, Bukit Batok residents: Dormitories for foreign workers nearby did not affect us

2 cheap power-saving devices explode within 2 days

Chan Soo Sen invited to attend graduation ceremony of alleged degree mill: Unhappy experience of MPs who are often invited to various kinds of functions

19-year-old girl breaks her neck in motorbike accident

Stomp: Woman feeds boyfriend on MRT train despite warning sign

First-time landlord rents out shophouse to wanted man who sublets the rooms to prostitutes

Falling fruit smashes car windscreen

Singaporeans disfigured after getting Botox injections in Batam


Social escorts or prostitutes? Social escort company posts sexy photos of women on website

Lawyer Subhas' Indian assistants speak Mandarin and Hokkien

Family tragedy in stock market crisis: Wife throws knife at husband, telling him to kill her

(Tainan) Legislator reportedly abducted

Police bust gambling syndicate, arrest 8

$40,000 fixed deposit turns out to be investment: Beautician claims to have been misled by bank

Travel fair booms despite bad economy

Property peak is over: Posh apartment prices fall 4 to 26%

Price of old newspaper halved: Karang gunis drastically affected

DNA mutation may lead to progeria

"Kidnappers" demand $300,000 from businesswoman

Save 40% by buying new model of cell phone from second-hand shop

Clerk complains of plastic glove in bottled green tea

Yishun residents cry over flattened herb garden: 21 years of hard work wasted


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  Chinese evening news dailies headlines
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