Thu, Apr 02, 2009
Maid abuses child, caught on video

A video on Stomp of a maid physically abusing a young child has shocked and outraged netizens.

The contributor of the video said this actually happened to the child of his sister's friend.

The case in the video happened in Malaysia in 2007, and the maid was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment.

After the video was posted, my paper conducted a poll which found that 15 of 20 young parents do not trust domestic workers enough to leave their children alone with them.

Caught on camera: Maid abuses 2-month-old baby
She said she was depressed and missed her own daughter. -AsiaOne
Maid kicks, kicks and kicks child
A STOMPer came across this shocking video online, of a maid repeatedly kicking and even stepping on a young child.
WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some viewers.
Maid was sentenced to two years' jail
Malaysian police say abuse video was from 2007 and maid has been convicted. -AsiaOne
Are we too dependent on maids?
Readers express horror, anger & disbelief at the video, but such cases make me wonder if we too dependent on maids. -AsiaOne
Child-abuse video causes uproar
Stomp video angers viewers, with some saying the woman should get 'taste of her own medicine'. -myp
Baby-sitter from hell
Installing spycam will prevent her from abusing your child. -myp
Maid used family flat as brothel
The trysts supposedly happened during the day while the couple and their daughter were out. -TNP
Indonesian maid caught abusing child on CCTV
Maid has been arrested by the police for abusing her employers' two-month old baby boy. -ST
» Forum: Readers' express their outrage

The other side: Maids abused by employers

Desperate flight from abuse
She climbed out of house on window ledge and clung on bamboo poles to escape abusive employers. -TNP
» Boss strings maid to ceiling fan

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