Mon, Oct 05, 2009
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Boy in fake Crocs sandals gets toes trapped in escalator

by Joy Fang

A BOY was left with a swollen left calf, after his toes were trapped in an escalator yesterday morning.

The four-year-old toddler, his two brothers and his mother were on a downward-moving escalator on the second floor of Taman Jurong Shopping Centre, after having had breakfast at the food centre there.

His mother, Madam Ally Ang, 29, a housewife, had been standing on the step in front of him, carrying a baby stroller with her baby boy, aged 11/2 months.

Her other son, aged two, stood beside her.

She realised that something was wrong after she got off the escalator and heard her son shouting: "Mummy, very painful!"

The rubberised sandal, an imitation of a Crocs sandal, on his left foot was caught in the base of the escalator, trapping his last two toes.

Madam Ang and a few bystanders tried to pull his foot free, but it was stuck fast.

The bystanders called the Singapore Civil Defence Force for help at about 11.10am.

Its officers arrived four minutes later and managed to free his toes with a crowbar and lubricant, before he was inspected by paramedics and rushed to the National University Hospital.

He was discharged two hours later.

His whole left calf had to be bandaged, Madam Ang said.

She said: "I heard a lot of stories about (children's) toes getting stuck in escalators, but I never thought it would happen to my son. He was lucky to have so many people helping him."

Last September, a four-year-old girl wearing Crocs had her big toe ripped off after the clog got caught in the side gap of an escalator at The Furniture Mall.

From 2006 to last year, the orthopaedic department at KK Women's and Children's Hospital saw six cases of escalator-related foot injuries caused by rubber clogs and which required emergency surgery.


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