Mon, Mar 22, 2010
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I was molested in taxi queue, says Ris Low

[Top photo: On the day that she was molested, Ris Low said she was wearing a black tube dress that is similar to the one she's wearing in the picture.]

SHE made headlines when her lack of fluency in English and conviction for credit-card fraud became subjects of national discourse last year.

Now, she has a confession which has set some tongues wagging.

Disgraced beauty queen Ris Low, 20, came out on her blog last week to say that she was a victim of molestation.

The former Miss Singapore World, who stepped down after she was exposed for fraud - recounted an incident where a man allegedly came up behind her in a taxi queue and pulled down her tube top, reported citizen-journalism website Stomp.

In an entry dated last Wednesday, Low - who was found guilty of credit- card fraud last September and was most recently appointed spokesman for a condom company - said she regretted not giving the man a kick before he ran off.

She wrote: "I told him off and he ran away. Regret keeping that kick I have from Muay Thai. Sigh."

Netizen Benji had stumbled upon her blog and was shocked by the entry as well as the number of expletives used by Low in relating the incident.

In a message to Stomp, Benji said: "She is a public figure and almost everyone knows who she is. While I am sorry that she got molested, she should be aware that she has an audience... By blogging and using vulgarities, our young might follow suit."

Since it was posted on Stomp last Saturday, the item has received almost 26,000 page views.

While some netizens questioned the veracity of her claim, others were more sympathetic.

One netizen said: "She got bombarded for her English and then her condom ad...no one is perfect. Let her be, for she didn't ask for it. Have a heart!"

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