A special home for superheroes
Christina Ng
Mon, Jun 28, 2010
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WHEN Mr Nazri Aris moved from a five-room flat to a four-roomer, he had to make a difficult decision: find a new home for his huge comics collections or junk them.

"I have two kids aged 10 and six. They both need a room to themselves," he said.

Photo: myp, Jamie Koh

"It's either I find a new home for my collections or throw them out," said the 36-year-old sales and marketing manager of medical company Lifeline Corporation.

His 300 superhero comics and toys, which he started collecting when he was 12 years old, used to occupy a room in the five-room flat.

But when he moved to the smaller place, he had to give some of his collections away to the library and the Salvation Army.

He also kept some comics in his office - there was simply no space at home.

Then he found out about Extra Space Self Storage in 2008 and he wasted no time in renting a 16 sq ft air-conditioned locked-up space there.

Mr Nazri said of his comics: "They are my prized collections, they deserve a good home."

The rented space in Eunos, which can hold up to seven large suitcases, is now home not only to almost all of his 300 comics, but also his ongoing collection of toy figurines that includes characters from Star Wars and Green Lantern.

He pays $60 a month for the space. The fee also covers insurance against rain, fire and pests.

And one can understand why he treats his collections with such tender loving care: Many of the comics were bought with his savings when he was a child.

"I used to save up my daily allowance to buy Green Lantern comics when I was 12," said Mr Nazri.

"The books cost $4 to $5 each in those days and I would save 10 cents each day from my $1 daily allowance to buy them at the end of the month."

Since his collections went into self-storage, Mr Nazri has visited them only twice. "I went there to put more things in," he said.

His best friend, however, visits the self-storage more regularly so that he could borrow the comics from him.

Though his beloved Green Lantern comics are now locked away in storage, they remain his most precious collection.

"Green Lantern is my favourite superhero. I keep the comics in self-storage as I see them as valuable," he said.

"It's just like people keeping their expensive items in safe-deposit boxes."

But, eventually, he would have to part with his collections, he said.

"To be honest, I'm really not sure what I'd do with all these stuff. Maybe I'll just pass them to my kids one day."



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