Fri, Sep 24, 2010
Woman verbally abuses other passengers on MRT train

THE video of an angry woman verbally abusing other passengers on the MRT train is making its rounds on the internet.

Woman screams and scolds commuters
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(Screenshots: YouTube)

Footage uploaded on the YouTube and Stomp websites show a woman with heavy make-up on her face using a mixture of English and Hokkien profanities on fellow commuters.

In the video, just over a minute long, she curses at a boy for playing with his portable gaming device and at a man for sitting in one of the train's priority seats.

"You pregnant? Pregnant you sit here? You siao (crazy)! You pregnant? Stand up!" she lashed out furiously before slapping the man on his shoulder, forcing him to vacate his seat.

It is not known when the incident had taken place or what had incited the woman to act in this manner.






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