Sun, Jan 16, 2011
Huge boulders come crashing down at Gilstead Rd construction site

A pile of huge boulders came crashing down at a construction site at Gilstead Road early this morning.

And they came falling down...
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A reader who witnessed the incident, Amarela, said, "A pile of boulders located at a condominium construction site beside a church compound along Gilstead Road, fell and spilled over onto the road and obstructed the two-way road this morning at about 8.20am, whilst worshippers attend Sunday morning services."

According to the police: "Police received a call today (Jan 16) at about 8.30am requesting for assistance at Gilstead Road. Upon Police arrival, it was established that concrete blocks at a building construction site had toppled and fallen on Gilstead Road. "

While no injuries were reported, the boulder collapse caused a gas leak from a gas valve. SP PowerGrid, in another report said this is due to the impact and vibration caused when the boulders - which measures 1m by 0.5m by 0.5m in size- collapsed.

The gas leak lasted for approximately an hour, with repair works completed by 10:30 am. Residents' gas supply was not affected.

For safety reasons, the police evacuated some residents as well as church-goers from the nearby Life Bible-Presbyterian Church.

Clean-up operations are expected to be completed over two days.

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