Wed, Jan 26, 2011
Housewife donates $4.7 mil to NKF

[Above: Mrs Sandra Lee (left), daughter-in-law of Madam Wong (right), who died in 2009 and left a total of $4.7 million to NKF.]

A SINGAPOREAN housewife who died in April last year has left the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) a total of $4.7 million.

The late Madam Edna Wong Sui Ha, who passed away from stroke at the age of 85, donated to the charity $3.55 million in cash and a $1.15 million unit at the Butterworth 33 condominium at Katong.

This is the largest gift to NKF since a high-profile lawsuit in 2005 that exposed the charity's excesses under former chief T.T. Durai.

In a report in The Straits Times, Madam Wong was a regular NKF donor and gave between $100 and $200 a month for about eight years.

However, she stopped after the scandal came to light.

In 2006, she included the charity in her will, giving NKF about half of her wealth.

Her daughter-in-law, Mrs Sandra Lee, 59, told The Straits Times that they learnt of her donation to the NKF only after her death.

"I was quite surprised because she would usually discuss everything with me, but she never mentioned the NKF," said Mrs Lee.

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