Mon, Feb 07, 2011
Flung chilli sparks 17-man brawl
Flung chilli sparks 17-man brawl
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SINGAPORE - A woman in her 20s has been accused of starting a 17-man brawl after flinging chilli at a stall-owner.

The incident took place at a food outlet beside Boon Lay MRT station on Feb 6, the fourth day of Chinese New Year, at approximately 10.30pm.

Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao reported that the woman had taken some chilli from a food stall after ordering a dish from another nearby stall.

The stall-owner, who was having dinner nearby, then asked her why she did not ask for permission to take the chilli.

This enraged the woman, who flung the chilli at the stall-owner while shouting that the stall-owner could have the chilli back.

A quarrel ensued between the woman and the stall-owner, which quickly spread as the stall-owner's companions entered the quarrel, together with the woman's boyfriend.

Flung chairs

The quarrel degenerated into a fight after the stall-owner allegedly pushed the woman's head with her hands.

The woman's boyfriend then retaliated, causing four other men to beat him. One man used a chair as a weapon. The boyfriend's nose was injured and bled profusely.

Seeing that her boyfriend was being beaten, the woman then poured a bowl of hot soup over the stall-owner's head.

11 men shouting

At this point of time, 11 men appeared and started shouting aggressively. Witnesses alleged that they were summoned by the woman for a gang-fight.

The woman's boyfriend was sent to the hospital for treatment. 

Impolite to take other stall's chilli

When interviewed by Lianhe Wanbao, the 38-year-old stall-owner complained that the woman had taken chilli from his stall while ordering food from another stall.

He also said that all he wanted to do was remind the woman that it was only polite to ask for permission and did not expect it to degenerate into a fight.

He requested that the woman and her boyfriend apologise to him.

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