Amusement or a nuisance?

By Joyce Lim

THE Filipinas are back at their old haunt.

Looking hotter and sexier than before, they strut and sway rhythmically to the 'live' music from buskers.

And turn the walkway outside Ion Orchard into a street party.

Before Ion Orchard was built, Filipino maids gathered at this busy junction on Orchard Road and held picnics on the grass patch behind Orchard MRT station on Sundays.

The spot, which they called "Gulong Park" (Gulong is Tagalog for roll) has been developed into the current premier shopping mall, carrying some of the world's top luxury brands.

Last Sunday, when The New Paper on Sunday team was there, we saw hundreds of maids turning the former Gulong Park into a rock 'n' roll party scene.

The street party was kicked off at 8pm by husband-and-wife busking team - Leticia Habon Caya and Qamaruddin Mohd Amin.

More than 500 maids had parked themselves outside Ion Orchard - some were sitting on the steps, others were on their feet, grooving to the "live" music.

"I love this place. It feels like home to see so many Filipinos here," said Ms Darlene Monis, 35, as she danced to the music.

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