S'pore man's triple HIV blow

TWO years ago, Johnny (not his real name) felt like the happiest man on earth when he married the woman he loved - a Vietnamese girl he had met while she was working at a restaurant here.

But Johnny's happiness was short-lived.

A year after their wedding, his wife was diagnosed with HIV.

She died two months ago.

While trying to come to terms with her death, Johnny found out that he, too, had been infected with the fatal disease.

Then came another devastating blow: He found out that their one-year-old son is also HIV-positive.

"My life is in a total mess now. I have never felt so helpless before," said Johnny.

"I am so sad to have lost my wife. When I knew that she was HIV-positive, I told myself that we're already married. I will take care of her no matter what happened.

"But she is gone now and my son and I have also contracted the disease. I don't know where to find the strength to carry on. I don't know how to take care of my son."

It is not clear who passed the virus on to whom.

Johnny said: "It is no longer important who passed the disease to the other. My wife is already gone. What is important to me now, is how I can carry on my life with my son. I really don't know."

Johnny, 35, used to work as a marketing executive.

But he lost his job last August as he had taken too much time off work to attend to his personal matters.

Since then, he has only done odd jobs and has not held a regular job.

We are not identifying Johnny as his family is still in the dark about his predicament.

He declined to talk about them, but said that he lives with his parents and siblings and he does not think they would be able to accept his and his son's illnesses.

He added that he now takes extra precautions to avoid cutting himself. HIV is usually transmitted through body fluids like blood.

Said Johnny: "If I tell my family about my condition, they would not be able to accept it and I may have to move out of the family flat. "

"I have already lost my job, I can't afford to lose the roof over my head. I still have a son to care for."

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