Newborn found buried alive at Eunos

Newborn baby found buried alive
Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: Shin Min, TNP)

A newborn baby was found buried alive yesterday afternoon, in a flower patch located at Eunos block 31A, reported the Shin Min Daily News.

A resident, Mr Tay, 60, was at the sixth floor sky garden at block 31A at around 2pm when he heard crying noises coming from the plot of plants and flowers behind him.

The retiree told a reporter from the Chinese daily that the cry sounded like it was made by a cat, and dismissed it at first.

However, he felt something was amiss when he did not see any animal in sight.

Mr Tay then used his hands to check if anything was hiding among the flowers, and was shocked to discover two tiny feet peeking out from beneath the soil.

"I asked my friend to come and take a look, I thought it was a doll at first," said Mr Tay.

Curious, Mr Tay then climbed over and into the flower patch.

He removed the soil covering and was alarmed to find the baby, who was still alive.

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