PM Lee: Serve responsibly and humbly

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong held a press conference early Sunday morning after the election results were announced.

The PM described this GE as a watershed one, calling the PAP's 60.1 per cent vote share a clear mandate:

Fellow Singaporeans, the voters have decided, and I'm honoured that they have once again entrusted the PAP with a clear mandate to form the next Government.

Overall, the PAP has won 60.1 per cent of the popular vote and 81 out of 87 seats.

I thank Singaporeans for the confidence and the strong support. We will serve responsibly and humbly to the best of our ability.

As the Government, we will do our utmost to improve the lives of all Singaporeans as one people, one nation.

This is a watershed general election.

It's taking place after five very eventful years. This is a very different world in 2011 compared to 2006, and a very different Singapore. We've gone through a roller-coaster ride, we've been exposed to stresses and uncertainties from the globalised economy.

And also, we're undergoing significant changes in our society. In terms of demography, there are more younger voters with better education and different formative experiences from previous generations.

But at the same time, we also have an ageing population, with more retirees and senior citizens who're concerned about living costs and especially their own health-care costs.

All Singaporeans of different strata and groups have higher aspirations and expectations, and many of them wish for the Government to adopt a different style and approach to government, in keeping with a new generation and a new era which we're living in.

And I think many of them desire to see more opposition voices in Parliament to check the PAP government.

The social media has also had an impact in this election, much bigger than in previous elections.

So this election marks a distinct shift in our political landscape which all of us must adjust to - not only the political parties, but Singaporeans at large.

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