She is the first pregnant MP

By Bryna Sim

SHE is Singapore's first pregnant Member of Parliament (MP). And she may soon be the first political office bearer to go on maternity leave.

Newly elected MP and now Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Education Sim Ann, 36, announced on her Facebook fan page yesterday that she was expecting her third child.

In a note entitled "Something to share with my friends", she said she is due to deliver in late November.

Ms Sim, who used to be a senior director at the National Population and Talent Division, told The New Paper over the phone: "There's a first for everything. If I'm the first pregnant MP, then so be it. I'm pretty sure I won't be the last."

She said she and her husband, Dr Mok Ying Jang, had "always wanted" three kids.

They have a son, 7, and a daughter, 4.

But baby No. 3 took a while in coming because their careers were "intense" by the time their daughter turned 2, she said.

From 2007 to 2009, Ms Sim was based in Shanghai as part of her secondment to International Enterprise Singapore while her husband was in Hong Kong.

Her husband relocated back to Singapore after the recent General Elections.

Ms Sim has just finished her first trimester, and said she feels fine, although she's "a little hungrier" than usual these days.

But was she worried about campaigning while pregnant?

Ms Sim said she had thought it through carefully. She had found out about her pregnancy shortly before the hustings.

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