Miller managed to slip past a reporter by claiming that he was the wrong guy and that he was there for a drink-driving charge. He even gave his name as "Peter".

The New Paper made some checks later and confirmed that the man was actually Miller.

Less than an hour later, Springall was seen sprinting out of the courts with his bailor.

The two made a dash to the nearby People's Park Centre. Springall's bailor gave up halfway and told the reporter and photographer from The New Paper to stop, but they continued anyway.

Springall got into a cab at Park Regis Hotel and told the driver to drive off.

He said: "Potong Pasir. Drive, just drive please."

But the driver said he did not know the address. Springall repeatedly told him to "just drive" and the cabby drove for about 2 metres before stopping.

He then got out of the taxi and asked the New Paper reporter if there was any problem. When he found out the reporter was from the media, he walked over to the rear passenger door and opened it.

The cabby told Springall: "You are giving pressure. I don't know how to drive, lah."

He repeatedly told the Caucasian: "I don't know, I don't know. I cannot, I cannot, I cannot. You don't give my our destination, I cannot."

Springall alighted and sought refuge at the hotel, reported The New Paper.

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