Tan Cheng Bock launches smartphone apps

Besides connecting with Singaporeans in the social media world with Facebook and Twitter, Dr Tan has also launched personalised smartphone applications.

He unveiled applications for both iPhone and Android phones at his press conference on Friday, after filing his elegibility certificate to run for president.

For the 71-year-old, it is a big step in leveraging on the power of social media. He confessed that he had not known what "apps" were just two months ago.

The self-confessed "one-finger typist" told reporters that he was "so scared of social media", he dared not push any button, but has since grown to like it.

The apps were created by four volunteers and links to Facebook, YouTube and blogging accounts to let users know when there are updates.

A photo gallery and sharing function is also available.

Developer Edmund Cheh, 32, said he kept the apps' design simple so that they could be used across generations.

"It is meant to be a gathering point of his various media so as to keep tracing updates convenient for those who want to know more about him," said Mr Cheh.

"He has been a quick learner and is very keen on any means to improve communication with people," added Mr Cheh.