Racist Chinese was a "guai" boy

By Marissa Lee

Schoolmates of 24-year-old Wang Peng Fei, whose YouTube video mockery of Singaporeans got him repatriated, say he was actually a "guai" low-profile student who had friends of other races.

The undergraduate student was expelled from the East Asia Institute of Management (EASB) for gross misconduct. He had made crude remarks against Malays in his video, among other things.

In his online apology, Wang said that "I accept the consequences of my actions, and all viewers' coarse remarks". However, he hoped Singaporeans would direct their unhappiness to him and not his country.

Wang added: "Don't bring Lee Kuan Yew into this issue, I am not the so-called 'talent' that he speaks of."

A schoolmate of Wang interviewed by RazorTV said: "Our teacher was very clear about this when he explained the case to us today. In Singapore, race is a sensitive issue. When expressing your opinions on racial issues, you have to be careful and take responsibility for your actions. Our school has sent him back to China - this is the punishment he deserves.

The schoolmate added that she felt his punishment was light. "People in China would also disapprove of his conduct. Whether you're in Singapore, China or anywhere else in the world, you must respect other races."

Another school told RazorTV that they would have dealt with Wang's case differently. ERC Institute said if a student behaved in a similar manner to Wang, he or she would have to undergo counselling. The student's pass would only be cancelled if he  or she was unremorseful and refused to make amends.

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