Tony Tan: President is not a "Super MP"

 In his lunchtime rally held in the Central Business District on Aug 24, presidential candidate Dr Tony Tan talked about the role of the President and why he deserves the vote of Singaporeans.

He spoke about how the political landscape has transformed, and how he has the right experience, knowledge, and temperament, to fit in as the next President of Singapore.

But he stressed that the president is not a "super MP", but a head of state, who "represents our country at home and abroad".

Dr Tan also highlighted his experience in the public and private sector, and reiterated why he decided to run for president.

Said Dr Tan: "It was not an easy decision, to give up jobs - EIC, SPH, which I love, give up my privacy, to return to public life.

"But I know that this was the right decision.

"I do not know if I will win, but I know that I must try.

"And with your help, I will serve you and Singapore once again."