Caucasian man pees on actress's car, flashes at her

The Caucasian man had the cheek to urinate on her car.

But when actress Mindee Ong told him to go away, the man boldly turned and faced her, exposing himself.

Ms Ong, 31, said that she had gone to her shop on Club Street to pick up something she left behind.

She left her dog in the car while she went to the shop, thinking she would only be there for a short while.

When she returned to her car, she saw one of them men relieving himself at her white Nissan SUV.

Ms Ong wrote on her blog: "Standing about a car length away, I yelled at him, 'Hey! Zip up your  pants and get off my car.' He ignored me while his friend asked him to finish up and leave. Once again I said, 'You are peeing at my car, stop it!'"

The man ignored her, and when he turned to face her, he even taunted her to look at him.

She quickly grabbed her phone and took a few photos of him, but was unable to catch his face on camera.

The other man was hiding out of camera's view.

After the incident happened, the men walked towards Ann Siang Road.

Ms Ong called the police, and was advised not to confront them herself. She saw the men get into a taxi, and took down its registration number.

She made a police report, and also posted the photos and an account of the incident on her Facebook profile and blog.

Ms Ong, who has acted in local movie 881 and TV series The Pupil, wrote on her Facebook page a day later that she was feeling calmer, but still disturbed by the incident.