Resident mistakes man in bag for corpse, calls police

SINGAPORE - A resident at an HDB unit in Geylang had a rude shock this morning, when he saw a man in a 'body bag' at a staircase landing between the 17th and 18th floors.

The incident occurred at 8.15am, at block 132 of Geylang Lorong 1, reported the Shin Min Daily News.

The resident, Mr Tan, 35, was watering some plants outside his unit, when he spotted the man wrapped in a translucent plastic bag.

Mr Tan was unable to verify if the man was still breathing as the man was curled up into a ball inside the bag.

Recalling the spate of unnatural deaths in the news recently, Mr Tan feared the worst and called the police.

Two policemen arrived 10 minutes later, only to see the man awaken and reach for a cigarette from a blue plastic bag just beside him.

After an interrogation by the police, the man, wearing an army-issued t-shirt, packed up his belongings and left.

According to Mr Tan's son, he had seen the man sleeping at the staircase landing the night before, but he was not wrapped in the plastic bag.

Mr Tan guessed that the man was trying to keep himself warm as it was a chilly night.

According to a police spokesperson, the Chinese-Singaporean man, 42, was given a warning.