Organisers of SlutWalk S'pore to work with police

The police and the organisers of SlutWalk Singapore, an anti-sexual violence event, have agreed to work together.

The Straits Times reported that the police initially contacted the organisers to find out more about the event to determine if a permit was needed for it.

SlutWalk events have spread around the world in reaction to a comment by a Toronto police officer. In April, he had said women could avoid being raped by not dressing like "sluts".

Singapore's event, planned to be held on December 4, attracted much attention when blogger Alex Au wrote that the police had asked organisers to apply for a permit, even though the event will be held at Speakers' Corner.

The national daily reported that the police yesterday clarified that Singaporeans can hold an outdoor demonstration without the need for a police permit if the event is held at Speakers' Corner, the event's subject does not touch on race and religion, and it does not involve any foreigners.

Outdoor demonstrations that do not meet these criteria will require a police permit.

The police also reminded organisers of public events to ensure that the necessary permits are duly obtained and that all events are conducted in accordance with Singapore laws.

The organisers will apply for the appropriate permits, and have reportedly already submitted an application for a permit for the December 4 event.