Eclectic stuff, but no service

Each week we go undercover to reveal stores that are worthy - or not - of your money

Someone wise once told this secret shopper that it's never too early to start Christmas shopping.

So I thought I'd take his advice, lest I get caught in the last-minute gift-buying scramble that happens at our malls every Christmas eve.

This week, we find out if the stuff from Clique is worth filling up those stockings with.

Signature style

Clique calls itself a "lifestyle store", which, in this secret shopper's opinion, is as vague as vague can get.

But I guess the description makes sense, since the store features a mish-mash of products that don't fall neatly into any particular category.

Think shoulder totes made from python-skin displayed next to a rack of coloured ceramic cutlery.

Or lamps shaped to resemble the human anatomy placed near hand-crafted jewellery made with semi-precious stones.

What impressed me was that every item in the store carried a touch of elegance and luxury.

Each one also had a feature that would make you take a second look.

Price tags at Clique are not altogether daunting, but the products don't come cheap either. T

he large tote bag made from the snakeskin costs $335.

A pair of earrings which caught my eye costs $62, and a men's wallet made from cowhide costs $115.

Store layout

The store isn't big, but you won't feel claustrophobic in Clique.

The spotless, white racks which stand on grey cement flooring are evenly spaced to ensure an enjoyable browsing experience.

Quirky, acoustic music also played in the background, complementing the eclectic vibe of the store's products.

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