DPP corrects mitigation facts

Deputy public prosecutor Eunice Chong had to step in several times to clarify TV host Quan Yifeng's mitigation plea.

Quan had earlier pleaded guilty to committing mischief in her dispute with taxi driver Chan Swee Kong.

The 19-page mitigation plea on her actions, including pulling out a taxi meter, was read out by her lawyer, Mr Subhas Anandan.

Quan, 37, said Mr Chan braked suddenly, hurting her and her 11-year-old daughter, because he was unhappy Quan had criticised him.

DPP Chong clarified that Mr Chan, 52, had braked to avoid a collision with a vehicle in front of him.

In her plea, Quan also said Mr Chan lost control of his emotions and snatched her mobile phone and refused to return it.

DPP Chong said this was not in the police investigation and Mr Chan, who was not in court, denied doing this.

Quan, who hosts programmes like Celebritea Talk Show and Life Transformer, added that her leg was bruised during their scuffle.

But DPP Chong said the investigation did not show that Mr Chan had caused the bruises.

The final straw for Quan, Mr Anandan said, was when the cabby insinuated that her daughter's distress had to do with her not having a father.

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