1 in 5 men here cheat on partners

One in five Singaporean men who are in relationships admit to having affairs, a survey of men and women from 36 countries has found.

The respondents who have been unfaithful - which include 22 per cent of male respondents here - are also more likely to be having casual sex or paying for sexual services.

This was revealed in the Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey commissioned by condom manufacturer Durex.

The poll was carried out between September and October, and was conducted to ascertain consumers' sexual attitudes and behaviours The survey polled 506 Singaporeans.

Other countries involved in the poll include Australia, Malaysia, China and the United States.

The survey found that 19 per cent of women who are unfaithful to their partners have a regular lover. Nearly one in three women here did not know if their partners had sexually transmitted infections (STIs) before committing to a relationship.

Women here have, on average, six sexual partners from the time they first had sexual intercourse, the survey found.

On average, men in Singapore reported having 16 sexual partners from the time they lose their virginity. This is on a par with the figure for Hong Kong.

Male respondents in Thailand reported an average of 12 partners, while men in Indonesia and Malaysia had five and three, respectively.

Almost twice the number of Singapore men compared to Singapore women said they lost their virginity in a casual relationship.

Some 17 per cent of men here admitted to losing their virginity through paid sex.

Risky sexual behaviour started when some respondents lost their virginity.

Some 42 per cent of male Singapore respondents said they did not use any protection against HIV, Aids and other STIs when they had sex for the first time.

About half of the female respondents here did not use any protection when they had sex for the first time.

Among the men who had unprotected sex, 41 per cent said they did not think about the risks, and only 18 per cent said it was a regrettable mistake in hindsight.

Almost one in four women who had unprotected sex said it was a risk they were willing to take.

Slightly more than half of all male and female respondents here said they needed a better understanding of HIV, the virus that causes Aids.

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