1 in 5 Singaporeans do Christmas shopping at work

SINGAPORE - A new online shopping study has revealed some surprising, and some not so surprising, holiday shopping habits of Singaporeans.

Shopping while at work is now officially the latest norm, with more than one in five Singaporeans (22 per cent) admitting they make their holiday purchases while at the office.

Others said they prefer to shop while watching television (11 per cent), while the rest said they do their shopping at home.

And while Christmas is a time for bestowing gifts on others, the survey revealed that Singaporeans are increasingly inclined to pamper themselves with self-gifting.

A quarter of the participants said they would give themselves the most extravagant Christmas gift, while another quarter said they would purchase the most expensive Christmas gift for their spouse or partner instead.

On average, Singaporeans said they would spend $797 on the most expensive Christmas gift of the season, with electronic devices, bags and watches being the favoured choices. 

Bags and watches also topped Christmas wish lists, with both registering 20 per cent as most desired Christmas gifts, followed closely by clothes and gift vouchers.

The survey, conducted by The Nielsen Company on behalf of Visa, showed that online buying is catching on fast in popularity here.

Respondents said they would spend an average of $1,084 on buying online Christmas gifts, and two in five respondents said they would purchase between six to ten Christmas gifts online this year.

As for unwanted presents, unsurprisingly, more than half said they would re-wrap and give them away.

Similarly, despite the gloomy economic outlook and sporadic showers of rain disrupting shopping activity, cash registers appear to be ringing all over Singapore.

Malls all along Singapore's premier shopping belt Orchard Road have been packed over the last few weekends, but mall managers are not taking any chances.

From putting up elaborate decorations to offering late night shopping, malls have been going all out to attract the crowds. ION Orchard for one, has put up a giant Christmas tree with an observation deck to delight shoppers.

Vice president of Marketing & Communications at ION Orchard Lee Mun Ling told a local news channel that ION Orchard attracts up to four million shoppers every month and they are confident that visitorship will spike this coming festive season.