Public inquiry to look into MRT breakdowns: PM Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Saturday that there will be a public inquiry to look into the recent disruptions of MRT services.

An online news source reported PM Lee as saying that evidence will be presented to see how the train system can be made more robust and safer.

A Committee of Inquiry similar to the one which looked into the Nicoll Highway collapse will be formed, he said.

PM Lee said the train service disruptions required an inquiry as they were not single or isolated incidents.

He pointed out that Saturday morning's breakdown meant that the problem had not been resolved and that authorities will have to sort it out.

Hopefully, there will be a clearer position to ensure that future services will run without problems, he said.

Getting down to the specifics, PM Lee said SMRT needed to understand why the third rail and collector shoes were bumping against one another to cause malfunctions.

He also expressed hopes that the public and commuters would understand the difficulties involved in resolving the problem.