Bondi Beach placed on protected heritage list
Fri, Jan 25, 2008

SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA'S Bondi Beach, the country's most famous strip of sand, was placed on the National Heritage List to protect its sand, cliffs, waves, parks and surf lifesaving clubs.

Sydney's Bondi is Australia's third most visited landmark and local officials say it is being loved to death, with traffic gridlock on summer days and massive amounts of day-tripper rubbish.

The National Heritage List, which covers 75 heritage sites including the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, will protect 65 hectares around Bondi Beach.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett said the listing on Friday recognised Bondi's role in developing Australia's beach culture and place in the world-famous surf-lifesaving movement.

'This one and a half kilometres of sand and sea is the quintessential Australian beach, a symbol of Australia around the world,' Mr Garrett said in announcing the listing.

'Bondi embodies a powerful sense of place and a wonderful way of life. What can be more Australian than Bondi Beach? The sun, the sand, the lifesavers...,' he said.


  Bondi Beach placed on protected heritage list
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