Chatting babies video a YouTube sensation

SAN FRANCISCO - A video of a pair of diaper-clad babies seemingly engaged in an animated conversation in a home kitchen was a fast-spreading YouTube sensation on Wednesday.

The two-minute snippet of the lively exchange between twin brothers barely old enough to stand has been watched more than 2.2 million times since it was uploaded to the Google-owned video sharing website on Valentine's Day.

The then 17-month-old boys laughed, gestured, and raised their feet during what appeared to be a baby talk chat so genuine that it inspired viewers to add playful captions suggesting translations.

Suggestions included that one brother telling the other "That diaper is so 2010" and getting a retort along the lines of "If you're so smart, where is your other sock, Einstein?"

By Wednesday, child development specialists were citing the video in online discussions of how natural and healthy it is for babies to develop language skills as they mature.

"We've had a fascinating time seeing language blooming around here," the boy's mother said Wednesday at her blog devoted to being a twin sister raising twin boys.

"Now the experts weigh in on this kind of twin language," she continued.

"I remember my own folks talking about my sister and I sending out verbal signals (essentially squeaks and shouts) in an attempt to pinpoint the location of our twin sister around the house!"

The "Twin baby boys have a conversation - part 2" video at YouTube was one of a trio of clips at the website starring the babies.